Donner & Company Law Offices LLC is a law firm in Wheaton, Illinois providing legal services to clients in DuPage County and the surrounding area, We have the resources and experience necessary to handle a wide array of legal issues, but the firm's practice is concentrated in those areas of concern most important to small to medium-sized businesses. We're proud of our track record and we mean to ensure our clients are provided with the best possible representation in every case.

We believe that, while it is important to know your limits, too many professionals focus so exclusively on their niche or "specialty" that they lose sight of the big picture. Through the work we've done in the courtroom, accordingly, our research, and our interaction with other professionals, we mean to ensure we're ready for whatever issues our clients run into. Our goal has always been to make sure our clients' interests get the attention they need  - from soup to nuts - in those arenas most important to those working with small- and medium-sized businesses. Our work is concentrated in a number of practice areas, including general business counseling, real estate, insurance coverage, employment law, and litigation.    

This website is here to provide you, our clients and other visitors, with a look at who we are and what we're about. You'll find our biographies, information on the firm's practice and billing policies, a look at our facilities in Wheaton, Illinois, and articles about cases and the areas of practice we've worked in over the years. You'll find articles we've written,  reviews and excerpts from our books on Jury Selection and Negotiations, and even a few good lawyer jokes.


We're hopeful this site will provide you with both insight into the broad-range of services we offer and an understanding of our focus as a law firm. If you have questions, if you have a legal matter you'd like us to take a look at, or if you just want to share a good lawyer-joke, please let us know.

Thanks for stopping by.

-Ted A. Donner
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