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Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Ted Donner has been an Adjunct Professor with Loyola University Chicago School of Law since shortly after he graduated from the law school in 1990. Initially assisting the Honorable John W. ("Jack") Cooley with classes in Litigation Thinking Skills and Appellate Advocacy, he also coached the school's student teams for many years in the Chicago Bar Association Moot Court Competition and the American Bar Association Negotiation Competition. He has since taught classes in Pre-Trial Litigation, Class Action Antitrust Litigation, Advanced Trial Practice, Negotiation, Client Counseling and the Law of Jury Selection.

Ted has remained a loyal supporter of the law school since his graduation and has worked or volunteered his time for law school programs in almost every semester since. He recommends that anyone considering a career in the law consider Loyola and he encourages alumni to stay involved. For almost 30 years, Loyola University Chicago School of Law has been, as it remains, an important part of his personal and professional life.  


Of course, if you're perusing this page at all, it's probably not because you're looking for a commercial for the law school. More likely, you've already decided on Loyola, you're all registered and done with your first year courses and all that, and you're here here because you're in one of Ted's classes. That would mean you probably just want to grab a copy of the syllabus or watch one of the videos you've been assigned to watch before class. That, is after all, why we added this page to the website to start with. So, yeah, sorry. The links you're looking for are right here. We'll save the hard sell for after you graduate and give your contact info to the alumni association.