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Pro Bono Resources

Q: Will you represent me for free or on a reduced fee basis?

A: Donner & Company Law Offices LLC does handle some matters for qualified clients on a pro bono or reduced fee basis. We strongly believe that law firms have a responsibility to the community and should therefore devote time to work which improves our community's quality of life and helps those who may be struggling through difficult times. 

Cases we handle on such a basis (as time permits), include the following:

We represent clients on a pro bono basis who are qualified by the for such assistance and DuPage Legal Assistance Foundation who are referred to us by that organization for assistance.


We represent clients on a pro bono basis who are qualified and referred to us by Lawyers for the Creative Arts.


We represent not-for-profit theater companies on a reduced fee basis, providing business counseling and related assistance to developing theaters in the Chicago area. 

Q: If I can't afford a lawyer but have a problem you can't help with, is there somewhere else I can look to find pro bono assistance? 

A: If you are unable to afford an attorney but are in need of counsel to represent you in a case that has been brought against you in Cook or DuPage County, Illinois, there are a number of resources you should consider. If you live in DuPage County,  you probably want to start with the DuPage Legal Assistance Foundation which may be reached at (630) 653-6212 or through their website at  They can help you determine whether you qualify for free legal aid or whether you may at least be qualified for assistance on a reduced fee basis through the DuPage County Bar Association's "Modest Means Program."


In Cook County, there are a number of programs through which attorneys are available to assist in matters involving such issues as landlord/tenant, divorce, employment, government benefits, debts and foreclosures.  The Chicago Bar Association provides a listing which you can get at Some of the primary legal services providers they may refer you to include:


  • The Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago handles all matters except class actions, criminal, environmental, real estate, probate and tax. Their general intake number is (312) 341-1070.
  • Chicago Volunteer Legal Services has many neighborhood offices, and handles all matters except criminal, civil rights and environmental. They can be reached at (312) 332-1624.
  • Chicago Legal Clinic has offices in Pilsen, Roseland, Austin and South. Their number is (773) 731-1762. They handle all issues except civil rights, immigration and tax. They can help you even if you do not qualify for free services by giving you services based on the amount you can pay.
  • The Legal Aid Bureau handles only family law matters. Their number is (312) 986-4200.
  • For residents of suburban Cook County, assistance is available through Cook County Legal Assistance at (847) 475-3703.

Finally, Illinois residents have access to Illinois Legal Aid Online, a program that provides a great many on-line resources, including the ability to ask legal questions of lawyers through email. Visit Illinois Legal Aid Online or Illinois Free Legal Answers.