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Summer Open Houses

On May 10, 2003, Donner & Company celebrated the completion of its first year with a party for our clients, colleagues, friends and families.  We rolled out a miniature golf courseTony Salerno brought his world-famous Salerno's Hot Dog Stand, Tom Taylor supplied a delightful wine and cheese room, Kara Kesselring brought her keyboards, and the kids spent most of the day jumping around in the moonwalk and playing carnival games.  Our thanks to Robert E. Potter III, who was gracious enough to bring his camera and capture these images for posterity.

Thanks to all who attended our Second Anniversary Party in July, 2004.  We were especially grateful to Laura Hall, who stayed at the piano for much of the afternoon, Tony Salerno, whose World Famous Salerno Red Hots were only topped by his new smoothee machines, and Tom Taylor who, once again, brought the wine and cheese.  Our thanks as well to Ken Raabe for "Punch and Judy." Here's a sampling of the photographs taken at the event by our good friend and favorite photographer, Robert E. Potter III (©2004 REP3).

Once again, Rob Potter has graced us with an assortment of images from the Anniversary Party (©2005 REP3).  Once again, Tony Salerno had a line of people waiting for his World Famous Salerno's Red Hots and Slurpees. Once again, Kara Kesselring gave us hours of relaxing melodies and song. And, once again, the Amazing Ken Raabe persuaded everyone to gather 'round for a trip back to the days of Punch and Judy. A day of old favorites - familiar sounds, images and faces.  Our thanks to everyone who came by... if you couldn't make it, well, there's always next year....

For our Fourth Anniversary celebration in 2006, we were joined by a number of familiar faces (and quite a few new ones). Kara Kesselring was here once again on piano, Ken Raabe presented another Punch & Judy puppet show, Comedy Sportz joined in, and Salerno's Red Hots were available along with a host of other refreshments and entertainment.   And, of course, we are forever grateful to Robert Potter, our resident photographer (and the man who took pretty darn much every photograph on this website) for yet another wonderful photo album to remember the event....