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Donner & Company Law Offices LLC opened its doors on May 9, 2002. Ted Donner started the firm with a small, single-room office that he rented from two attorneys he had worked with at Altheimer & Gray in Chicago, Perry Goldberg and Granvil Specks. Roughly a year later, the firm's first Wheaton, Illinois offices were opened at 1131 Wheaton Oaks Court.

In the years since, the firm has been largely defined by its people. Heather Peteris joined Donner as the firm's first full-time employee in 2003. During her first year as a paralegal in the Wheaton office, a number of attorneys also started working with the firm on an Of Counsel basis, including Susan Rentschler, Dennis Esford and John Meyer. Since then, Juliet Schatzberger has worked with us, first as a law clerk and then as the firm's first full-time Associate, and Christina Schmucker spent her first year out of law school with us as an Associate in the Wheaton offices.  

Melissa Piwowar joined Donner & Company as a paralegal in 2004. She and the firm's Office Manager, Holly Koch, have been working from the firm's offices in Wheaton ever since. John McGinnis and Rick Larson also continue to work with us from time to time on an Of Counsel basis.

In the pages that follow, you'll see photographs of these professionals, many of our clients and other friends, at work and in celebration of the many benchmarks which have passed over the course of this last dozen years. We're grateful to everyone who appears in these pages for their friendship and support and to those who continue to leave their mark in the firm's history. We're sure to be hosting another get together soon enough, for one reason or another, and we certainly hope you'll join us then. 
Holly Koch (Office Manager), Ted Donner and Christina Schmucker (Associate) at 1131 Wheaton Oaks Court (our first offices in Wheaton, Illinois), approx. 2005.
Susan Rentschler, Dennis Esford (both Of Counsel),  Ted Donner , Juliet Schatzberger (Associate) and John Meyer (Of Counsel) at our Chicago offices (approx. 2006).