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Since April, 2006, the Bar Association's regular monthly publication, the DCBA Brief, has surrendered its cover and half of the magazine's content each year to a parody edition, the DCBA Grief.  Spear-headed by its Editor-in-Chief Melissa Piwowar, the DCBA Grief grew in size and ambition each year for eight years until, in 2013, the magazine was awarded the National Association of Bar Executive's Luminary Award for Excellence in a Special Publication.  This is how that event was reported in the December, 2013 edition of the DCBA Brief, in an article titled "DCBA Grief Wins Luminary Award" by David N. Schaffer and Ted A. Donner (reprinted with permission):  

The National Association of Bar Executives has announced that the DCBA Grief, our annual April Fool’s edition, has won the 2013 Luminary Award for Excellence in the “Special Publications” category. The NABE Luminary Awards program recognizes excellence in bar association communications by honoring outstanding communications projects from the past year. The DCBA Brief won last year’s award in the “Regular Publications” category. 

The NABE judges’ comments regarding the DCBA Grief’s 2013 Luminary included: "Clearly you have lots of fun and benefit from a dedicated group of volunteers as well as staff who were able to produce this clever publication” and "the double cover approach of the publication creatively allowed you to include the parody as part of your regular publication."  The DCBA Grief is put together by members of the Editorial Board, led by the DCBA Grief’s Editor-in-Chief, Melissa Piwowar.  Leslie Monahan, DCBA Executive Director, and Jacki Hamler, DCBA Financial and Information Systems Manager, were instrumental in assisting in the production and submitted the award-winning issue for consideration.

 Terry Benshoof was Editor-in-Chief for the DCBA Brief this last year. Upon learning of this award, he said:Our ‘Editor in Grief,’ Melissa Piwowar, has done a masterful job, an honor which will require celebration! Of course, now John Pcolinski and Raleigh Kalbfleisch (the current and on-deck editors-in-chief, respectfully) have to figure out how they’re going to top two years running!”  Piwowar has served as Editor for the DCBA Grief since shortly after it was first introduced in these pages in April, 2007.  “No one on the Publication Board would disagree,” added David Schaffer, a member of the Editorial Board and contributor to the Grief, “without Melissa’s continued leadership, imagination, sense of humor, tenacity and ‘beer and pizza’ Grief jam sessions, there would be no Grief and there certainly would not be a Luminary awarded for it. Thanks Melissa!”

Always the team player, after hearing of this year’s award, Piwowar quickly circulated an email congratulating the Editorial Board with a special “shout out” to the “committee” that worked on last year’s DCBA Grief as well as to Hamler and Monahan for their help.[1] Sharon Mulyk, the DCBA’s President in 2012-13, was quick to respond after hearing the good news. “How wonderful,” she wrote, “Two years in a row – we’re looking for a three-peat! Congrats to Melissa and Terry and the entire Editorial Board. Fantastic work!  And, oh yeah, thanks to the ‘Powers that Be’ for finally demonstrating some influence over… something.” Current President, Pat Hurley was likewise thrilled to learn of the award. “I am extremely proud of the efforts of our Editorial Board,” he wrote, “and wish to give special thanks to Melissa Piwowar and Terry Benshoof.  Receiving a NABE Luminary Award for the second time in two years is an incredible feat and a testament to the hard work and creativeness of our Editorial Board.  We are privileged to have our association represented by such a high-quality publication.”

[1] Note: due to the sensitive nature of the Grief (hey, “you gotta break some eggs to make an omelet”) the committee members shall remain anonymous, unless John, Raleigh, Ted, Terry, Mike, Sean, Brent, Eric and Art wish to supply their last names to this article. Otherwise, they can be found on the masthead of this journal.