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The DuPage County Bar Association has been important to us here at Donner & Company for many years now but I was probably as surprised as anyone when I found myself deciding to run for Third Vice President of the Association in 2013. My election meant that I would necessarily remain active in the Association for many years to come -- it means I will be serving as its President in 2016-17. That's a mighty daunting task looking at it from here. So, while this page may not mean much to anyone else but me, it's getting included in our website anyway as a reminder of how we got here.

These are the materials we used to promote my candidacy in 2013. They're important because they include the names of a great many people who helped us win this election. I'm grateful to them all and want to make sure they know it. So if you're on this list and couldn't quite figure out why my website came up on a google search for your name -- well, that's why. 

-Ted Donner

To the members of the DuPage County Bar Association:


I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Third Vice President of the DuPage County Bar Association. The DCBA has played an important role in my personal and professional life for many years. During that time, I believe, I have developed the background and experience necessary to take on this position in the Association’s leadership.


The DCBA’s mission statement calls for the Association to serve the "attorneys, judiciary and citizens of DuPage County, Illinois in providing legal education, business development and networking opportunities, designed to enhance and benefit its membership and community, while upholding the highest degree of civility and professionalism." In the course of my involvement in the DCBA, I have had the privilege to work with a number of amazing attorneys and other professionals whose efforts have continuously advanced that mission. I have tried to learn from those examples. As an Editor-in-Chief for the DCBA Brief and member of the DCBF Board of Directors, I have done my best to ensure that what we do is both consistent with and in furtherance of the high standards which have been set over the course of the DCBA’s long history.


I am proud to be part of an organization which supports both the pro bono work of the DuPage County Legal Aid Service and the efforts of the DuPage County Bar Foundation. I have long been impressed by (and done what I can to support) the array of programs offered by the DCBA, from the DCBA Brief to the annual Mega Meeting and Law Day. I would be honored for the opportunity to serve as the Association’s Third Vice President and grateful for your support in the election for that position.


-Ted A. Donner