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DuPage County Bar Association

The DuPage County Bar Association is a strong, vibrant organization boasting some 2600 members and an array of valuable programs, including free CLE seminars, a monthly bar journal, public service opportunities, a weekly Docket, and a great many special occasions which bring together members from the bench and bar. Ted Donner and Melissa Piwowar are proud to serve as regular contributors to both the DCBA Brief and a number of other programs in the Association. Ted is serving as the President of the DCBA for it's 2016-17 fisdcal year and Melissa serves as Chair of DCBA's Public Interest and Education Commission. We encourage anyone involved in this community to visit the DCBA's website and become a member. if you'd like to know more about the DCBA, you can peruse back issues of the DCBA Brief here or take a look at what's going in the the Bar Association itself by clicking here.