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Of Counsel
We want to ensure our clients know that the people they've retained are the same people who are actually representing them. There are times, however, when it helps to bring in someone who concentrates in a specific area of law or can provide bench strength when it's needed. We maintain relationships with a number of other lawyers, therefore, and law firms who concentrate in other areas of practice or are simply available to help out when needed. When attorneys work together on such a basis, collaboratively but not as employees of the same company, they are often referred to as working on an Of Counsel basis with each other. As a small firm, Donner & Company Law Offices LLC uses the "bench strength" of attorneys working Of Counsel to ensure our clients' interests are adequately represented. That means, from time to time, that we may bring in one of these attorneys to cover the occasional court call or assist us in preparing pleadings or other documents for use in court. We've worked with a number of top-notch attorneys in such an Of Counsel capacity over the years, but the two we have relied upon most remain Rick Larson and F. John McGinnis.

Rick Larson has been practicing law in the State of Illinois for over 20 years. After years as an Assistant AG for the State of Illinois Attorney General, he joined Gerald B. Mullin PC in Chicago, where he worked in commercial litigation with an emphasis on cases involving contract disputes and related concerns. He first started with us on an Of Counsel basis in May of 2005 and maintains his own practice in the western suburbs.

F. John McGinnis is a partner with the law firm of McGinnis, Wutscher Beiramee LLP where he focuses on "all levels of commercial litigation, including land title and commercial real estate financing disputes, construction and mechanics lien disputes, commercial mortgage foreclosures, intellectual property and trade secret disputes, and the enforcement of creditor's rights."  A graduate of Harvard Law School, prior to forming McGinnis Wutscher, he was a partner with Altheimer & Gray for over 20 years. 


Rick Larson
F. John McGinnis