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Real Estate

We represent the interests of real estate purchasers and buyers, contractors, landlords and tenants, building developers, condominium associations and unit owners -- a broad range of clients in the real estate and construction industries. We work with these clients both to negotiate successful deals and to help them navigate the often treacherous course of litigation that comes along when things go sour. 


Does a contract need to be negotiated for a new building venture? Are you looking for counsel to handle your next real estate closing, zoning variance, or lease agreement? Is there a dispute between your building and an insurance company over coverage? Are you in foreclosure? Does it look like a mechanics lien needs to be filed -- or foreclosed in order to ensure that your business gets paid for work on a project? These are the kinds of projects we handle. Whether the client is a small business in the western suburbs, or a thriving theater on the north side of Chicago, we know that the people we represent are bound to have concerns involving real estate -- and we're ready to handle those concerns.