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Insurance Coverage
Some provisions in a contract give people less to work with than others. That may be why so many people spend so much time going over the payment schedules, security and breach of contract provisions in an agreement they're considering, but then skip past the insurance and indemnity provisions as so much "boiler plate."  At Donner & Company, we pay particular attention to what insurance, warranty and indemnity provisions are being contemplated. We're concerned with such provisions, first and foremost, because whenever we agree to represent someone, we want to make sure we've helped the client identify whatever resources are available -- or will be getting placed at risk -- if things go in one direction rather than another.  We concentrate on staying abreast of developments in insurance coverage, warranty and indemnity laws because virtually every matter we handle is effected by such laws, and we want to make sure our clients get the benefits of all available insurance coverage and indemnities.

Our lawyers have provided guidance on the applicable insurance and warranty laws to a host of clients, including state regulatory agencies, insurers and reinsurers, individual consumers, and businesses both local and national in scope.  So, regardless of whether our clients are embroiled in a major coverage dispute with an insurance carrier or just want an understanding of how the contracts they're negotiating may serve to allocates the risks of insurance and indemnity among the parties, we have the resources to help.