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Employment Law
The number of potential legal problems involving employment seems to just continue rising. Employers and employees alike are finding themselves involved in an escalating number of disputes. They see problems coming out of  poorly drafted or crippling non-compete and non-solicitation agreements. They have to struggle with claims of unfair competition, trade secret appropriation, and breach of fiduciary duty. And they find themselves looking through severance agreements and unemployment applications when they would prefer to be reading through their most recent performance review. There remain a host of problems involving racial, disability, religious and gender discrimination. And more and more employers are finding it important to develop and maintain employment handbooks, while employees and independent contractors alike are finding it difficult to find work without agreeing to sometimes onerous agreements which that prohibit where else they will be able to work, and under what circumstances, should they ever leave their current positions.

As the environment continues to change. we work with our clients both to develop working agreements at the outset and to ensure their interests are protected if their working relationships break down. We've represented the interests of employers, employees, independent contractors, unions, and benefit plans, and have therefore come to appreciate the range of interests that come to bear in such cases -- as well as the extent to which those interests are so often more consistent with each other than is sometimes first expected.  

Some cases require a measured approach - a focus on getting the parties together to look for ways to address their mutual interests in untangling a web of problems in which they have inadvertently found themselves. Others need the concerted effort of emergency injunctive relief, an active and focused investigation, and careful attention to the relationship between law and business. In any case, our clients depend upon us to help them craft an approach and strategy that suits the economic, personal and professional interests of their business.