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Business Counseling

When our clients get ideas, we're ready to help them turn those ideas into reality. We offer a full range of legal services for small to mid-size businesses, helping our clients develop the entity appropriate for their business, and helping them take that business forward, with assistance in licensing and registration requirements, for example, the development of appropriate business forms, and contracts or employee manuals.


We provide counseling in trade regulation compliance, and can help our clients with trademark registrations, DBE applications and other legal needs that may arise. Donner & Company thus offers a full range of services for companies looking to get their plans and ideas committed to paper, including assistance with entity formation, annual maintenance and licensing and registration requirements (including MBE/WBE applications) and business succession planning. 


We serve as general counsel for a number of small- to medium-sized business, offering our business clients legal consultation, reviews on insurance and antitrust compliance, and assistance in developing documentation the company needs to do business effectively -- from simple order forms and employee manuals to licenses, non-compete and confidentiality agreements. In this regard, we're prepared to provide general legal counseling to our clients, giving each business a "checkup" in connection with their annual meeting and then working to ensure we stay in touch throughout the year.